Perforating Gun Loading Facilities (GLF)


Our Perforating Gun Loading Facility is the all in one solution for the oil and gas industries regulatory issues with regards to, explosive storage / processing and loaded gun storage all under one roof. The patented gun loading facility is Walker’s solutions for the quantity distance (Q.D) issues surrounding the oil and gas industry.
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Regulations on the storage of explosives and loading procedures of perforating guns has created logistical challenges for perforating companies around the globe. 
The portable solution provides companies with an opportunity to save time and money over traditional loading and storage methods. This is a better alternative than moving your entire operations. 
The GLF has been tested to exceed the safety standards for processing areas (loading bays), explosive storage and loaded gun storage. The first solution of its kind to be licensed by the ATF and N.R.Can for reduced Q.D (safe distance to the public)

Ready To Go When and Where You Need Them

    • Immediate Mobilization of a Fully Equipped Perforating Gun 
    • Loading Facility to ANY WORKSITE Globally!

Multi-Functional Design

    • GLF makes it possible to have one facility that will handle all required materials for perforating gun loading & storage.
    • GLF allows workers quick access to the materials they need to safely and efficiently load and handle perforating guns.

Help Solve Regulatory Issues

    • Built to Highest Safety Standards
    • Helps Resolve Q.D. Issues - (Safe Distance to Public or Other Industry)
    • Adheres to and Exceeds all Regulatory Standards

Perforating Gun Loading Facility

Perforating Gun Loading Facility